Receiving Home Services


Receiving Homes are parent-modelled (where contracted Foster Parents reside and care for children in care) homes and are designed to be temporary homes for children in care and who are in transition from an emergency placement to reunification with family or if the plan is to have the child or children remain in care, to a longer term placement with family/kin, Customary Care or in regular Foster Homes.

Each home is licensed to provide accommodations for up to four (4) children, ages 0-16 years of age. At times, capacity may be exceeded for short periods of time. Children are placed in the home, at any time of the day or night, often without advance notice.

Currently, there are five Receiving Homes in the following communities: three in Moosonee, one in Kashechewan, and one in Chapleau, Ontario.

When there is a need for Foster Parents in any of the Receiving Homes, recruitment postings are posted in all communities specifically indicating this need.