Become a Foster Parent / Family


Who Are Foster Parents?

Foster parents are individuals or couples with a genuine interest in children and a sense of community responsibility. They come from all walks of life, but share a common mission to provide safety and security for children. Foster parents know and understand that for every story of sorrow and pain, there is a story of healing and success.


Who can become a foster parent?

  • You can be single or a couple.
  • Have stable physical/emotional health, finances and family relationships
  • You must be at least 21 years of service
  • You may rent or own your own home
  • You must be self-supporting
  • Applicants can be working outside of the home
  • You may or may not have children of your own
  • Are willing to work as part of a team (Society staff, primary family, community professionals) in the best interests of the children;
  • Are willing to support children’s religious, cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds;
  • Understand the developmental needs of children; and
  • Are open to ongoing training and education.
  • You must provide a vulnerable sector screening report by police, undergo a Fast Track check and be approved through a detailed home study process
  • You must complete 27 hours of PRIDE training as it becomes available.
  • You are willing to work with the guidelines, Mission, Vision and Values of Payukotayno: James & Hudson Bay Family Services


Foster Families

Payukotayno: James & Hudson Bay strives toward ensuring children in care remain in our service area. We strongly encourage applicants who live in the James Bay area to consider applying to become foster caregivers.  The process takes about four to six months, involves the whole family and will include:

  • Speaking to a member of our team to determine whether fostering is right
    for you and your family
  • A home visit by a Foster Care Worker to all interested and appropriate applicants. You may request an application package by clicking here or by calling 1-888-298-2916 or 705-336-2229, press ‘0’ and request to speak with an on duty Foster Care Worker who may assist you.
  • All appropriate applicants will be asked to return the application package to a Foster Care Worker or via email, fax, and mail or in person at 50 Bay Road in Moosonee. This process includes mandatory police record check, vulnerable sector screening for each adult over the age of eighteen living in the home. In addition, applicants and all adults over the age of eighteen (18) living in the home must provide consent to a Child Welfare check, and Fast Track Screening Check.
  • All appropriate applicants will be added to our waiting list and must be willing to participate in 27 hours of pre-service PRIDE training when available.
  • Each applicant is carefully assessed before being approved and proceeding to the home study process.


For more information about becoming a foster family, phone 1-888-298-2916 or 705-336-2229, pressing ‘0’ and request to speak with an on duty Foster Care Worker.