Fostering Options

There is a variety of different fostering settings with Regular Care or Respite Care being the most commonly known. Others include:

Regular Foster Care

This is the most common fostering arrangement where foster families provide for the day-to-day care of a child in a family setting. This placement may last a matter of days, weeks or most often a matter of months.

Respite Foster Care

Respite Foster homes provide temporary care as a break to regular full-time foster families.  These placements are usually for a matter of days and may appeal to those families wishing to consider fostering part-time.

Kinship Care

Kinship Care are homes provided by a family who is known to a child, such as a relative or family friend.  The care provided is like regular foster care, the difference being that the home is opened as a foster home to meet the needs of a specific child or children.


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